State Champs - SAMFORD- 21/22 Nov.2020

The Samford XC track is situated just 800m from the heart of Samford Village, just 20kms from the Brisbane CBD at the Baden Powell Scout Camp.

The course starts off on a smooth grassy field, before riders are greeted with the first of many singletrack sections. Section after section of fun, tight and pinchy singletrack with plenty of passing opportunity on all the fireroad sections. Lots of hills, but most are all short, and less than a minute long. The course suits riders of all technical abilities, and will especially reward those with fitness and climbing legs! The final 1km into the finish is fun and fast singletrack following the creek with bridges, tight turns before it 'spits' riders out onto the grassy field into the finish.

TIMETABLE –State Champs 2020

Saturday 21st (note this has been changed to allow course set up)

6:30            Registration (opens)

6:30-7:15    Course practice- All kids, sport, E-bike (not compulsory)

7:30            U9, U11 girls and boys

7:55            U13 girls and boys

8:25            Presentations (U9, U11, U13)

9:15            Set up full course

11:35          Full course open for practice

3:20            Sport/E-bike

4:10            Presentations - Sport/E-bike

Sunday 22nd

6:30            Registration opens

6:30            Course open for practice

7:30            U15 men, U17 men, Masters 5-8 men

8:30            ALL women (U15-Masters 8)

10:00          Presentations 

10:30          Elite Men, U19 (junior) M, Masters 1-4 men

12:30          Presentations

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