Round 4- Castle Hill 13.Sept 2020
Old school racing, the way we love it. Castle Hill trails are rocky and you will have to do some climbing. The descents are thrilling and breath-taking. The later course is a little harder- this is for the elite and u19 riders, and masters 1-4 men. The slightly shorter morning course is tough but fun, you can't help grinning when you ride it.

TIMETABLE –TBC nearer the race

6:30           Registration (opens)

6:30-7:45    Course practice (not compulsory)

8:00            Junior U13 Boys/Girls, Kids U11 Boys/Girls

8:30            U17 Men, U15 Boys, Sport Men, Masters men 5+

9:20            All women except elite

10:30         Elite Men/Women, Junior U19 M, Master Men 1-4,  Ebike

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